From 1 September 2022, the Amsterdam-based law firm of Hemwood, which specialises in commercial property, will also have civil-law notaries in house. The notarial team, led by Monique Laenen and Elsbeth Meijboom, will move from the Zuidas to Hemwood’s offices on Keizersgracht.

This inclusion of notarial services allows Hemwood to provide its clients with a full range of services, from planning to completion, in building and area development, and in all other property transactions.

Monique Laenen believes the move offers major benefits: “Hemwood has a strong market position in environmental and planning law, and its lawyers often advise in the early stages of a development. With our knowledge and experience of project development, we can now also involve our notarial team in the early stages. From now on, Hemwood will assist its clients at all stages and with all aspects of a development, especially with the challenges that our clients face in light of the current market conditions.”

Hemwood’s founder and senior partner Gijs Heutink is delighted with the expansion: “With Monique Laenen, our notarial team is als solid as a rock. We can now offer our clients all the services they need for any conceivable spatial development, at the level our clients expect of us. Monique Laenen, Elsbeth Meijboom and the team have the same practical mindset as we do, and they favour short lines of communication and effective, solid, useful advice and guidance. The addition of notarial knowledge and experience is a huge boost and we believe that Hemwood now forms a rock-solid team for the entire spectrum of spatial development, leasing and transactions.”

More square metres

To welcome the new colleagues and enable further growth, double the surface area was recently leased in the current office building, where Hemwood now has two floors of the stately canal house at its disposal.

About Hemwood

Hemwood is an Amsterdam-based law and notarial firm specialising in property and environmental & planning law, with a focus on project development and transactions. Hemwood has high-quality experience and knowledge in the fields of environmental & planning law, area development, the law of obligations, commercial landlord-tenant law and European administrative law. The arrival of the new team has strengthened and supplemented this knowledge to include experience and know-how in the fields of purchase and transfer, land allocation, and structures for complex area developments, such as superficies, ground lease, STES, divisions in apartments, and homeowners associations.

Hemwood’s legal experts are experienced negotiators and adept at litigation and consultancy. They have special knowledge of and experience in complex inner-city redevelopment, the structuring of energy & sustainability in area development, zoning plans and land exploitation, retail & leisure property, the development of projects in infrastructure, industry, healthcare & housing, hotels and offices, and partnerships with public authorities. Hemwood also assists with due diligence investigations, also in acquisitions involving complex environmental or permitting issues.

From left to right Monique Laenen, Rosanne Overwijk, Sharmayne Rog and Elsbeth Meijboom.