Daniël litigates and advises about real estate transactions. He specializes in purchase disputes (for example, about the conclusion and performance of purchase agreements, disputes about special conditions and non-conformity) and the liability of real estate professionals (such as estate agents, civil-law notaries and financial experts). In addition, Daniël also deals with general civil law issues, including limitation, (explanation of) easements, neighbour law and Owners’ Association issues.

Daniel’s clients mainly include real estate companies, investors and insurers. Daniel is driven and committed to his clients. Clients appreciate him for his personal approach, responsiveness and legal knowledge.

Daniel graduated from Leiden University in 2011 (masters: Civil Law + Encyclopedia and Philosophy of Law). In 2011 he started as a lawyer at Boekel De Nerée (now: Dentons Europe LLP), where he dealt with civil law disputes with a focus on purchase until the end of 2021.

Daniel Brand Hemwood