Transparency, business acumen and drive

Our business model is based on quality rather than financial performance. In keeping with that model, our offices, like our overheads, are made-to-measure: we have the people we need to provide optimum services. Our know-how expenditure and other overheads are narrowly tailored to that end. They are exclusively geared to the quality of our work – nothing more and nothing less. That allows us to optimally focus on the files and projects entrusted to us, and to pay personal attention to our clients. Our clients know each and every one of us; they themselves decide who will work on their case. The lines are short, the teams small and effective. They are based on knowledge and experience, understanding, trust and respect. We make sure that our fee statements are as transparent as our work: no unknown names in the itemisation, no obscure descriptions, and clear details of who spent time on the project or case and why. The price/performance ratio is rational and clear-cut The time spent is 100% accountable, and our competitive rates pay off in the long run.

Litigating or negotiating

In the field of litigation our knowledge and experience are based on many years of high-end litigation in both the legal profession and the judiciary. We are able to strategically and technically prepare and argue a case. We also know how judges arrive at their rulings. That helps us to accurately prepare proceedings and to reliably estimate the chances of success, up to the highest judicial body.
That knowledge and experience in procedural law allows us to conduct effective and efficient negotiations. As experienced negotiators, we are able to realise our objective, either at the negotiating table or in the wings. We aim to steer the negotiating process by the force of our arguments, a head start in knowledge, consistency, reliability and healthy transparency. That way all the negotiating parties know what they are up against; litigation is then the exception rather than the rule. If litigation is unavoidable, we have often secured the spoil even before the case begins.

Track record

Our lawyers have an excellent track record in a large number of legal actions and projects of Dutch and international clients operating throughout the property sector. They include a wide range of project implementations, transactions and investments in the context of healthcare and residential projects, city-centre redevelopments, large-scale and peripheral retail trade projects, projects in the agricultural sector and industrial projects, offices and distribution centres, hotels, resorts & leisure, stadiums and sports facilities, retail centres and museums. For reasons of confidentiality, we can name specific projects only with the approval of the clients, users or owners in question.