Hemwood property lawyers and civil-law notaries

Hemwood is an Amsterdam-based firm of lawyers, civil-law notaries, candidate civil-law notaries and paralegals, specialising in property law, including environmental and planning law, commercial landlord-tenant law, construction law, procurement law, European administrative law, property law (with a focus on ground lease, superficies and apartments rights) and property-related law of obligations.

Our lawyers, civil-law notaries and candidate civil-law notaries are experienced negotiators and are skilled in the litigation, transaction and consultancy practice. They have special knowledge of and experience in the redevelopment and rezoning of existing urban areas, all aspects of retail property, the development of projects in virtually all sectors (healthcare & housing, offices, hotels, industry and infrastructure) and they frequently work together with the municipality, the port and other public and semi-public authorities.

Hemwood also supervises legal due diligence investigations (including those involving complex environmental or permitting issues) and completes purchase & sale and purchase & letting transactions for its clients from beginning to end.